25th Blanket 2020 - Military Daughter

I had the honor of writing the Blankets of Honor to present my father a blanket when they came you felt the love from each and everyone that was there and to see the smile on my father’s face was emotional to have them show him he wasn’t forgotten and the support they gave him ❤ thank you to all from the Sheaffer family and thank you for showing and supporting the military and letting them no they are loved always and never forgotten….

20th Blanket July 20 - Navy Wife

In July 2020 while celebrating my husband’s 75th birthday we received a huge surprise. We discovered that day that our son and daughter-in-law had a birthday gift that was unforgettable to everyone who attended the birthday party.

My husband, John Snyder Sr, who is a disabled Navy Vietnam Veteran, was presented with a small ceremony and a Navy Blanket by the members and friends of Blankets of Honor.

It was an amazing experience and he was very pleased. The blanket is a cherished item for him. We thank all who honor our disabled heroes, especially those who honored my husband that day. Thank You for a most memorable day.